Enhancing your home security goes beyond installing the best quality front door. You have to think about all potential entry points into the home. Remember that criminals often look for the weakest areas when they want to access the home and many times, this is the garage. Installing the right lock on your garage door can go a long way in enhancing security. If, like most homeowners, you use the space to store different valuable assets, you need to make sure that your belongings are protected.

Whether you use the garage for your car or as a home office or storage room, you need to think about the best lock to secure the space. Think about the best features that you need for your lock so that you can keep away potential burglars. Installing good quality locks will help to discourage intruders by thwarting any attempts to gain entry into your home. A securely locked garage will play a huge role in overall home security. It is important to be careful when choosing the best options.

Deadbolt Locks

When you need extra reinforcement for your garage door, deadbolt locks are a great option. The locks are ideal when you want convenient entry into your garage and they consist of a secure locking mechanism that works with keys. When you want to open the door, you move the lock by rotating the lock cylinder and this gets it to the open position. The lock cylinder can either be single or double depending on the type that you choose.

Single cylinder locks are operated using a key on the outside and a knob on the inside. For the double cylinder locks, a key is required for both sides, making it a more secure mechanism. The deadbolt lock is a great option when it comes to locking mechanisms and it is more secure than many types of locks including spring bolts that use springs to operate the lock. It takes a lot of pressure or effort to push a deadbolt lock when one does not have a key and this discourages most intruders.

The Side Door Bolt

This is one of the most popular types of lock for garage doors. It is widely used on different types of doors and it is installed on the inside part of the door. This type of lock is not visible from outside, making it more difficult for intruders to tamper with it. Most burglars inspect homes that they intend to access before the actual day of the robbery. This usually gives them an opportunity to find out the security level. If they cannot see the lock, it is more difficult to figure out how to break it.

The lock is usually a simple mechanism and it comes with a bolt and a receiving slot that is installed on the door track. When you want to lock the door, you simply slide the bolt through the slot. This helps to ensure that the garage door cannot be opened from the outside. The side door bolt may be rather simple and it is easy to install, but it offers much needed security for the garage. It is perfect when the garage has a door leading into the kitchen.

Modern Electronic Locks

For added security, you can take advantage of advanced technology to choose the best locks. Electronic locks do not usually use keys for operation and instead rely on fingerprints and other devices like entry cards. When you install the electronic system, you can decide who gains access into the garage. The lock should be installed by a professional who has the relevant expertise. There are different types of electronic locks in the market and you can choose the style that suits your needs.

Electronic locks tend to be more costly than other systems but they are also more effective when it comes to providing security. Keyless digital locks also fall under this category and they offer the best security for many homes. The locks work by creating an entry code that is entered into the keypad to open the doors. Those who know the code can open the doors and the code can be changed at any time. This lock offers added security because intruders cannot pick the lock.

The T-Handle Lock

If you have metal garage doors, the T-handle lock may be what you need. These locks have a T-shaped handle for operating the lock. The locks are not operated with the regular keys, but they have a locking system that uses a cylinder-shaped key. This type of key is more difficult to reproduce and this helps to enhance security. You need the key to operate the handle which otherwise remains firmly in place. It is very important to get professional lock installation for your garage door. This will help to ensure that the lock works effectively and provides the required security.

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