In recent years, technology has advanced to such levels that it is now encompassing applications that allow people to control different aspects of a home, security of the locks on the windows and doors included. This has literally made our homes smarter than they were ever before.

Whilst this kind of advanced technology gives you more control of your home from wherever you are through the use of one simple device that is controlled via an appropriate software application, it can also give a technologically-savvy burglar an exact access or key to your personal life and home. In simple terms, even with all the advances in security technology, your home can be still hacked by an outsider with the right hacking knowledge and tools.

According to a renowned locksmith based downtown, similar to proper use of keys to secure your home, a good home automation system can be used to help make your life easier. However, it is advisable to take action to ensure that your system is always secure. Recent studies by some researchers at a well known university have found that hackers frequently make use of the most basic equipment to gain access to a home’s automation system. This simply means that automated door locks can be hacked and then opened by unauthorized people, sometimes even without the homeowner’s knowledge.

Here are some handy tips to help protect your automated home and devices from being hacked.

Start by securing your Wi-Fi

It is recommended that you have your Wi-Fi default login name and passwords changed and then turned on WPA encryption as soon as it is installed. If you have not done this, now is the right time to do it. Note however that instructions for Wi-Fi routers vary from one make or brand to another. This being the case, it is advisable to visit the manufacturer’s site to find out how.

The use of home automation applications on public Wi-Fi gives hackers automatic access to your personal data. It is recommended that you switch to secure network or mobile data service prior to utilizing a home automation software application.

Install good antivirus software

Any tablets, smartphones, PCs or Mac in your home need to be protected using a good and upgraded antivirus software. Quite a few providers provide multi-device packages that are able to protect all the gadgets in your home. Norton 360 Multi-Device is a good example of such security packages. While malware that target tablets and smartphones are rare, it is still advisable to ensure that yours are properly protected if the worse was to happen. Browse the internet to find antivirus software that works well with your device. And once installed, make a point of updating the software as often as you can be able.

Register any new routers you may have at your place

The main advantage of registering a new router with the manufacturer or internet provider is that you are immediately notified when a new security update becomes available.

Make use of strong passwords

Most devices can effectively be protected through the use of strong and secure passwords. What you should know is that your supposedly secure device can be hacked and hence the need to create difficult to guess or secure passwords. An unpredictable and strong password is your first line of defense against potential hacking. This being the case, they should be changed as frequently on your home automation software application, smartphone and internet router as you can. Consider utilizing a password generator to create better and even stronger passwords.

Install an appropriate home security system

You should not solely rely on your home automation system to keep you protected. Having a reliable and strong home security system that come with enhanced features such as door sensors and motion detectors can help put off would be burglars from gaining entry into your premises, sometimes even after having hacked into your automation system.

Regularly update your router’s firmware or its operating software application

Visit the manufacturer’s website for firmware updates as it varies according to the make and model of the router. Here, you will get the best practice for updating the firmware that suits your device. Home automation device makers frequently test their programs for weaknesses or bugs that hackers may use to compromise them and thus being able to gain entry or access to your home. Software applications that are used to operate these devices are updated to patch these issues. So ensure to install the newest updates immediately they are available so as to stop the hackers from taking advantage of potential weaknesses in these systems.

Make a point of frequently checking the camera logs

The majority of surveillance cameras allow the users to review the history of which IP addresses had accessed the camera feed. To counter unauthorized access, make sure to frequently check the camera logs. If there is a breach, it is recommended to immediately change the password and then call your security service provider for remedial action.


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