Due to the increase in security-related events all around the world, many homeowners are investing lots of bucks in their door locks. Because the door locks are the main point through which criminals will gain access to the house, it is prudent to ensure that you invest in the best locks. Today, the advancement in technology has enabled the creation of refined door locks to help people improve security in their houses and among the most common types of locks are the keyless door locks. Use them if you want to add another layer of security to your home.

There are many benefits of using these locks such as: they prevent security problems from occurring because they are designed using some special mechanisms. Also, you won’t experience the common lockout problems. Usually, due to doing things in haste, people tend to forget their keys inside the house. So, with these keyless locks, you won’t experience such a problem. The last but not least benefit is that they are user friendly, so you don’t have to experience the hassle of opening your door manually or locking it. And because these locks are increasingly gaining popularity, people make various mistakes when ordering them. This article has highlighted some of the common mistakes you should avoid when ordering the keyless locks:


Not confirming what you want to replace

Many homeowners are retrofitting existing doors. If you are to do so, then take some time to find out what type you are currently using on your door. You should note that keyless locks are now available in the same models of locks homeowners or business people are using now.

Not verifying the door type

Storefront doors, exit doors, residential doors and commercial doors are all different. While it is possible to find the deadbolt locks installed on both a commercial warehouse door and home entry door, the lock grade and backset grade will likely be different.

Forgetting to check the door material

You could be having a metal, wood or glass door. You need to confirm that because this information will help in determining which keyless locks will be compatible with your door. Of course you don’t want returns, so it is imperative to get this right so as to save on headaches when the keyless lock arrives.

Assuming that keyless locks are difficult to program or code

Because of this, many people say why bother! You should note that the experts will offer code setting as well as programming on both the electronic and push button systems, so it is no longer a problem. And if there are any problems, don’t hesitate to contact your company for assistance. And you can ask for advice during the purchase; don’t wait until a problem arises.

Not knowing that the existing keys can be used in the new keyless locks

It may take people a year to compile all the keys on their heavy key ring, but it is now possible to pin the new emergency key cylinder in the keyless lock so as to accept the current key. So, you don’t have to carry that big bunch of keys any longer. Also, if you want to use the key, it will definitely be the same one you have always used.

Taking on more than just what you need

Keyless locks include enterprise level wirelessly and software managed systems with advanced integration capabilities, and entry level single code keyless locks. Unless your business has grown to the size of the famous, major companies, or your home is the ‘Biltmore’ type, you need to choose from a standalone electronic and mechanical battery powered keyless locks. And you need to know whether it is for low or high volume usage. If the place is to have high traffic, then you will need a more robust keyless lock.

Waiting until you lose your keys

It is a fact that people wait until this happens for them to place an order. This way, you will want to rush things, one of the reasons why you end up picking the wrong keyless lock. And don’t wait until your employees or kids are locked out. This is just a matter of time; things happen!

Buying keyless locks from a dubious source

Just because keyless locks have many benefits, it does not mean that you can buy them just anywhere. It is imperative to take your time and research companies that are reputable and trusted in dealing with the keyless locks. Remember this is a worthwhile investment, but it has to begin from the start. And good companies will offer quality services at affordable rates.

At Express Locksmith, we offer locks solutions for residential, industrial and commercial purposes. We also offer advice on the locks solutions that will suit your budgetary needs. Contact us today for all your property’s locking system needs.

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