It is quite difficult to find a business owner or homeowner who doesn’t want to have their home or business securely protected from uninvited visitors. And because there are many ways of doing this, it is uncommon to find these property owners not installing proper security locks. Today, the market has made available different kinds of security locks just to make sure that there is something for everyone. It could be a basic entrance lock set and have it finished with keyless entrance systems that come with an alarm built in them.

Deadbolts are also known to work perfectly if you are looking for a way to protect your home. If you are looking to install the security locks, it is prudent to purchase those that will not only protect your house from burglary, but also those that will help in protecting areas in the house that could threaten the life of your kids. Below are the top areas in the home that need secure locks:


The front door to a home or business

This is more than just the lock you see on the door knob. You may not think that a burglar will be bold enough to use your front door. It will be the sure reason the intruder would use such a tactic. You can invest on the deadbolts because these ones are known to work wonders on the front doors when it comes to security purposes and they can also add to the aesthetics of your home.

Your mail box

Most of us have valuable items that arrive in the mail. It is always prudent to install a lock on your mailbox. And there is one good reason for this; intruders are getting smarter, so they will learn the scheduled arrival for things such as the pension checks and social security, and end up walking away with packages that are of value.

The garage door

Most homeowners don’t see the need to close their garage door, so there will be no need to lock it. An intruder can use the garage where they can get their time getting into your house, unseen. And in the garage area, they will take their time spying who is there, so they will have an easy access to your house. Your house has items of value and your garage can be the easy path to cause havoc. Always make sure that you close the overhead garage door and lock it using a good secure lock.

Lock up that recreational equipment

Do you have a personal watercraft, snowmobile or an ATV? You should always keep them locked in your garage. And if you have a boat or a camper that is too large to fit in the garage, always chain and lock them to something solid. You can also keep them behind a locked fence.

Your bike should be securely locked as well

Most people leave their bikes outside due to space, mud or other reasons. If you are such a person, make sure that it is securely locked. It should be locked to a solid and an immovable object such as a lamp post or bike stand. And be sure to lock the frame and wheels as well; you don’t want to lock one of the wheels only to find the rest of the bike missing.

Basement window

You may not pay attention to your basement and because the windows may seem small, it can be a surprise how easy a thin and wiry intruder can go through it to get into your home. And you don’t want to see what will happen next. Always lock your basement windows.

Lock your garden shed or utility

Today, lawn equipment and other important tools are prime targets for some criminals. And if you can give them a chance or access to make off with it, be sure to find it gone. Don’t forget to lock your utility or garden shed.

Do you have any alternative gates that can access your property?

They need to be locked too. In fact, locking them will add an extra layer of security to your home. It is a fact, a thief won’t want to be weighted down with their ill gotten loot as they try to make their escape over your fence.

Glass sliders

Did you know these can be an easy point for intruders to gain access to your property? Of course, the bar or stick in the track will work but you also need to install a lock to provide a more secure area.

If you are looking for ways to improve security in your home, don’t hesitate to contact express Locksmith. We offer a plethora of alarms, locks and intercoms to ensure that your home or business is secure all the time. And our experts will offer advice on your property’s security needs.

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