In reality, master keys do not exist; however, there are a number of exceptions. It is not the key that is really special, but locks that have been adapted to allow the key to work. This is normally intentional in the makeup of the said locks. Master keys normally exist where a suite of locks have been levered or repined so that an extra key can be used to open them all. The additional key in this case can be used to open all doors in an office building, hence being called a master key. Outside this suite of locks, this key is usually useless.

Are fire brigade master keys?

Keys used to open fire brigade padlocks and mortice are not master keys as the locks used on them are all made the same way. In some countries, for instance the UK, radar keys are used to open all disabled toilet locks. These too are simply normal keys, but that have been made to open a certain brand and model of locks. The same applies to fire brigade drop keys. Homeowners are recommended to have these keys as part of their keyset.

Example of true master keys


There are a number of lock manufacturers that make locks with true master keys, for example Fletcher, Lowe and a number of others. In this case, these locks are designed in such a way that they can be opened with both the standard keys and a special key for the whole range. The ZL, ZG and ZA keys are very good examples of these special keys. The locks in this range are usually used on garage doors. Although the doors all have different locks, there is one special key that can open all of them.

Other locks, for example those in LF range of lock have extra special keys but that are not 100-percent effective as not all the suites are mastered. Locks that are normally used on filing cabinets, desks and lockers, etc fall under this category.

Smart locks

Smart locks are a modern day reality in the security device systems industry. These electronically-enabled keyless locking systems are a great way to replace the traditional key locks. And depending on a homeowner’s security needs and preferences, smart locks come in varied formats ranging from complex “touch locks” to simple Bluetooth-enabled padlocks. With these systems, some even offer WiFi-streamed real time alerts.

Smart locks are slowly but sure replacing standard room keys in a number of hotel chains around the country. However, despite their popularity with hotel chains around the country and outside, they have not exactly been snapped up by average homeowners. This is mostly due to their prices which are beyond the pockets of an average consumer.

Here are three popular smart lock varieties used around the world:

• Goji: This is one of the most popular types of smart locks around the market today and offers impressive smart security features to the users. It is a WiFi- and Bluetooth-enabled bolt system that senses your phone when near. The door opens by inputting unique codes via the phone. An app installed on the phone identifies you the same way as a correct key. Even if you lose your key or WiFi signal, you can still open your door as the app comes with a backup key and fob to help you remotely unlock the door. Goji smart lock runs on battery power meaning that a sudden or prolonged power failure won’t keep you locked out of your home

With this smart lock, you do not have to worry about people copying duplicate keys as it allows for access codes to be sent out to the right associates as need be.

• Haven floor lock: Although deadlocks are especially strong deterrent for intruders, their placement at the side of some doors, particularly those with sturdy designs, can be a problem. Fortunately, this issue can be perfectly resolved by having a Haven floor smart lock installed. The point of contact at the base of the door when it comes to these locking systems is the sturdiest.

This lock is blue-tooth enabled and a tailor-made application (Android or IOS) ensures that the system respond only to devices a user has specifically identified. If you happen to lose your keys or phone, this lock has an online access account that allows the user to unlock his home from any computer via its website. It operates on two batteries set on the floor pad to allow for access in event of a major power failure.

• August smart lock: Upgrade your existing lock system with the August smart lock. It perfectly fits onto your existing single-cylinder deadbolt turning the old lock into a modern smart lock. This locking system works through a Bluetooth signal, appropriate app and can also use a key if need be. With this smart lock, a user can make changes remotely and also check logs of who has accessed his premises.

In conclusion, both smart locks and some master keys are a reality and investing in them can be invaluable security enhancement assets for any homeowner or even a general locksmith.

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