Since you want to make your home secure, it is pays to give lots of thought as to whether your house locks do provide adequate protection. Today, the market has a myriad of options when it comes to house locks and some of them can even help you save lots of money on insurance premiums. Below are the different kinds of locks on offer so that you can be sure that your home is safe when you are out and about:

Five-lever mortice deadlock

This one requires a pocket which is commonly known as the mortice and it is the one used to be cut into the door. The more levers the deadlock has, the more secure it is. There is one great thing about going for the more levered mortice deadlocks; insurance companies may lower the insurance premium. These locks are commonly used on different types of doors including the heavy entrance doors and residential doors. You can choose from the either the left or right hand style to suit your needs.

Insurance companies often insist on a five lever mortice in order to qualify on the insurance cover. But wordings on the requirements may vary depending on the insurer. Often insurance companies offer a discount of up to five percent off the home premium if you have installed such a lock in your home.

Multi-point locking system

Usually, this type of locking system has more than three locking points which by the turn of a key, they all lock simultaneously. Most multi point are ideal for the uPVC doors but if you have to use them for the main entrance, it is important to use a lock cylinder that comes with five pins in order to take advantage of the home insurance cover. Get them because they have been tested on fully against the methods most thieves use to disable locks and even break in.


A nightlatch door lock is mounted onto the door instead of being morticed into the door. Although they are less secure than the mortice locks, nightlatches are a great addition to security. Use them as an additional security measure because they have a keyhole on the handle inside your door so that the latch can easily be deadlocked from the inside. Nightlattches are the most common on French and patio doors, so less common for the main entrance points. To ensure high level of security, it is always important to look for a nightlatch lock that meets the minimum standards.

Key operated window locks

These kinds of locks are the most ideal for all downstairs windows. They are either fitted to the bottom or at top of a window. You can even fit them on the handle that closes your window.

Passage lockset

These are locking devices used on interior doors within a building. They have 2 knobs; one on either side of the door. If you are an interior design motivated kind of person, then this device would be your best bet. And they come in a myriad of styles including models that come with levers instead of knobs.

Privacy lockset

Just as the name suggests, privacy lockset is designed for privacy and is also used on the interior of the door to offer privacy. The inside knob of the privacy lockset has a locking device but on the other side there isn’t a locking mechanism. So, you can find a lever style knob as well as the actual knob to help in offering the privacy you have been looking for. In an emergency situation, you can open the lock from outside by inserting an abject through the hole in the outside knob and turn the locking mechanism.

Key retainer

This is a metal unit that is installed in wall or door and comprises of two keys that work in correspondence with each other. The first key is interchangeable core, whereas the second one is used for authorization.

Electric locks

These ones work like any other lock, only that they are manually applied. Electric locks are run through electronics but they can be opened either through a code or with key. There is some beauty in these locks; you cannot override them with brute force. Since they are wired electronically, if you force entry, you will require rewiring of the system.

Although installation of locks can be a bit expensive, you should be able to recoup the cost through lower premiums over time. Of course putting security measures in place is a major deterrent to thieves, so it makes your home a safer place to live. But when you are taking out a home insurance, make sure to check to see what their minimum security standards are. At Express Locksmith we have a wide range of locks, including the most sophisticated ones. You can contact us for a special quote or advice.

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