You are probably aware of the fact that most burglars tend to attack properties which are not very well defended, simply because it is easier for them to get the “job” done and there are less chances of being caught. Therefore, if you don’t want to be a victim of burglary, you should enhance the security system of your property and make your house more protected against burglars and thieves. How can you do that? Well, you can start by following these helpful tips and tricks.

Get better locks for the front and back entrance door

Most thieves try to break into a property by breaking the front entrance door lock. If that lock is too strong, they will try their luck with the back entrance door lock. In order to prevent them from getting inside, you might want to consider installing better and stronger locks for the doors of your property or at least try to repair and improve the existing ones. A lock for your front entrance door is not that expensive these days and you will be able to sleep better at nights. Also, the thieves and burglars will get the message that you don’t want to give in without a fight and they will eventually avoid your house and move to properties which are less defended.

Consider having a light on when you leave on vacation

Another interesting thing you can do to keep thieves and burglars at bay is to give them the impression that you are at home all the times, even if you are not actually. For example, if you are leaving on vacation for one or two weeks, try to get an eco-friendly lighting bulb and install it in your patio, in your yard or even inside your house in a visible place. When you leave, turn this light on and leave it like this until you return. This will make robbers and thieves believe that you are at home during the night and they will eventually avoid your house, as most burglars attack residence when the occupants are away. Additionally, the eco-friendly lighting option you buy won’t drastically increase your energy bill either.

Install a surveillance camera

This is by far one of the best and most useful safety tips you can put into practice. Surveillance cameras monitor an area 24/7 and they can provide precious video footage which can be used as genuine proof in courtroom. Additionally, most burglars and thieves are afraid of surveillance cameras and they avoid properties which feature one. So, try installing one or more of these digital eyes in your property and you will have more peace of mind.

Kick the habit of leaving a spare key under the doormat

This habit is very popular and unfortunately, thieves and robbers can take advantage of it quickly. Make sure that you don’t leave a spare key under the doormat or somewhere else near the front entrance of your property as most thieves these days don’t forget to look for it. Basically, if you keep doing this, you are inviting them in your house. You can leave a spare key to a close neighbor or friend and have the number of a professional locksmith in your phone for those moments when you lock yourself out of your house.

Get a garage door opener

This is another excellent device which improves the safety and security of your property. A garage door opener will automatically open or close the garage door upon request and it also prevents thieves from opening the door garage in the middle of the night.

Trim bushes and shrubs to prevent thieves from hiding in your yard

This is an insight tip, told by past burglars and robbers. Malevolent people have the habit of hiding in large bushes and shrubs homeowners might have in their yards. As a result, they can easily take a sneak peek inside the house and see what valuables the homeowner possesses. Even worse, hiding in the shrubs and bushes provides the perfect opportunity for attacking the homeowner when he returns home from work, especially during the evening when it might be dark outside.

To prevent such “ninja” attacks, make sure that you trim the bushes and shrubs in your yard, to make them look more transparent. This will also enhance the curb appeal of your house and give you an advantage over malevolent persons.

Get a safe for storing precious valuables

In a similar fashion, a safe is the perfect tool for storing very precious and expensive items like important paperwork, cash or jewelry items. Make sure that you install one in your house and your most beloved possessions will be better protected.

Whether you are looking to install a safe in your property or you want to change the locks of your house, make sure that you give us a call right away and we will offer you top quality locksmith services in Montreal at reasonable prices.


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