It is a well known fact that almost all burglars, robbers and thieves attack properties which are poorly defended. Not only that it is “easier” for them to do this, but the risks are reduced and they are already considering the homeowner as a negligent person who doesn’t really care about the safety of his belongings.

Therefore, one of the best and quickest methods of deterring thieves and burglars and make them avoid your property is to improve the security system of your house. This is not hugely expensive, as some homeowners erroneously believe, and it can make a homeowner sleep better at nights knowing that his family members and personal items are protected and safe. Here are 6 vulnerable spots in your property that need to be secured as quickly as possible.

Front entrance door


Most thieves “try” this door first, before switching to plan B. They even have the courage to ring the bell of the front entrance door in order to see if someone is in the house. If the homeowner is home, they will invent an excuse and leave, otherwise they will wink to each other and try to pick the lock. In this case, if the lock is damaged, old or very easy to pick, the burglars will be able to enter the house in no time and steal everything in sight. On the other hand, if the lock is impossible to pick, the front entrance door is metallic and very durable and maybe the homeowner has a couple of surveillance cameras installed on his property, the burglars won’t even think of breaking this “fortress” again.

Back door

In some cases, the burglars are ambitious and they might try their luck on the next door which is usually the back entrance door. Again, it is useless to have a modern and durable front entrance door if the back door is poor and it is not equipped with top quality locks. The burglars will just move a couple of steps and have easy access in the house. Therefore, homeowners who think of strengthening the security system of their properties should think at global level in order for their security measures to be efficient.


In other cases, burglars are really stubborn and they don’t give up attacking a property until they finally accomplished their malefic plans. They might even make use of a ladder in order to have access to the upper windows of the house and get inside. To avoid this, homeowners should invest in windows which are specially designed to be resistant to wear and tear, hits and bumps. Usually, such windows have excellent insulating properties and their glass is toughened for additional protection.

Any attic entrances, even the attic window

Yes, some burglars might even consider breaking the attic window in order to get into the house if they met considerable resistance when they tried to open the windows on the ground and upper floors. Especially if a property is equipped with a large attic window, the homeowner needs to think about means of protecting it and make it tougher. In this case, the glass can be reinforced and the opening mechanisms can be replaced with more modern and durable ones, to prevent thieves from having easy access in the attic and in the rest of the house afterwards. Other attic windows or entrances should be treated in a similar fashion.

The garage door

This entrance shouldn’t be ignored when coming up with a top notch security plan for residential properties. Although it is harder (and considerably louder) to try to break into the garage, most burglars won’t be intimidated by this and they will do everything they can to gain access in the house. Therefore, homeowners should invest in a quality garage door opener which provides security and protection features and which will keep burglars at bay. Similarly, replacing the garage door with a more durable one is not out of the question either.

Patio doors

There are many properties which feature patios and where the homeowner has access to his patio by simply opening (or sliding) one or more doors. Although such doors are aesthetically pleasing and attractive, they should be equipped with security locks as well, in order to prevent thieves and burglars from breaking into the house. For example, the frame of the patio doors can be made from a durable metal while the locks can be replaced with more modern and stronger ones.

These are the most important spots in your house which can be used by burglars to “visit” you uninvited. If you don’t want this to happen, make sure that you contact us and speak with our specialists. We will take your preferences and needs into consideration and work with you in order to come up with an impenetrable house security plan for the best results.

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