Having a safe somewhere in the house is one of the best ways of protecting important valuables and personal belongings. Not only that a safe is almost unbreakable, but it will also keep documents and items away from prying eyes or away from small kids which might accidentally stumble upon them.

Additionally, a safe can be installed in so many places inside a property. For example, one can install the safe behind a beautiful picture in his home office. Similarly, one can install the safe directly in the floor. If you are thinking on installing a safe in your house in the near future, here are several factors that influence the price you are going to pay for this product.

The type of the safe

Although all safes offer increased protection and durability, some of them are “tougher” than others. For example, some safes are made from a combination of titanium and several other metals which offer it immense durability and make it almost indestructible. As a result, the homeowner will have to pay a little bit more. Additionally, some safes have locks which cannot be picked no matter what and obviously, their price range is slightly increased. If the homeowner puts security on top of his priority list then he should direct his attention towards such types of safes and prepare a larger budget.

The location of the safety is important as well


Another factor that influences the price of safe installation is its location, or the spot in the house where it will be placed or installed. For example, some safes can simply be placed in a closet or a room without any installation at all and obviously, they will be a little bit less expensive. On the other hand, if the homeowner wants his safe to be kept away from prying eyes then he can install it in a wall or in the floor. Depending on the hardness of the material from which the wall or floor are made, the contractor will tell the homeowner exactly how much he should expect to pay for this service. For example, it is harder to dig a hole in a concrete floor for safe installation and this will definitely affect the price.

Any types of warranties the safe comes with

Some companies offer different types of warranties when they sell safes and this can be beneficial for the homeowner. Such a warranty will ensure that the safe bought is of top quality and in some cases, they can even cover the costs if something is stolen or gone missing from the safe over a certain period of time. If the homeowner wants top protection, he should get a safe that offers such warranties. On the other hand, if the budget is limited, there are less expensive safes which offer great protection, but they don’t come with warranties like the ones described above.

The size of the safe

Usually safes are quite small and they are perfect for most homeowners, but in some cases, a person might require a larger safe in order to store all his personal documents, belongings and valuables without worries. Therefore, if the safe is relatively larger and more spacious, that person needs to pay an increased price. Additionally, if the safe features a double-wall construction (which basically offers more protection) then the price for safe installation will be increased slightly.

Fire protection comes at a price

In a similar fashion, there are safes which are specially designed to protect the contained valuables in the case of fire. In other words, these safes can be burned for a certain amount of time and the contents won’t be affected whatsoever. Obviously, every homeowner might want such a safe in order to have more peace of mind in the long run because any personal valuables like documents and so on will remain safe and sound if the house accidentally catches fire. However, safes which are designed to be protected against fires are more expensive and the homeowner needs to prepare a larger budget in order to acquire such an amazing product.

Water protection can be very helpful sometimes

Yes, some safes can even offer water protection as well and this can be very useful in various situations. For example, if the safe is protected against fire, it will keep the documents safe until the firefighters arrive. However, the firefighters will spread an enormous amount of water everywhere in the house and if the safe doesn’t offer water protection, the valuables inside can be compromised. Safes which feature water protection are a little bit more expensive, but they are worth every penny.

Feel free to give us a call and speak with our specialists if you want to install a safe in your property. Our professionals have a lot of experience when it comes to safes and security systems and the prices for our services come at reasonable prices.

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