Each and every one of us has valuables which we need to protect. Whether these items are simply very expensive or they hold emotional value, they need to be protected the best way possible, otherwise they can be lost forever. If you too have valuables which you need to protect at all costs then it is a good idea to install a safe somewhere in your house. These days safes can be installed in a wall or even in a floor and they are extremely strong and durable, almost invincible! Here are just a couple of items you can easily hide and protect in a residential safe.

1. A great amount of cash. If you have a suitcase full of dollar bills just like the ones you see in the movies then you’d better protect it well. There are a lot of malevolent people out there who can quickly “smell” the money and attempt to steal them from you. A safe is spacious enough to hold your suitcase full of money or any other amount of cash you might possess at the moment.

2. Key duplicates or keys from your apartments. If you have a couple of properties under your name then it is not a good idea to carry all the keys of those properties with you everywhere you go. Not only that it will be uncomfortable, but you shouldn’t advertise that you have so many assets as thieves might pick you up as their next victim. Instead, you should keep only the keys you use frequently and others should be hidden in a private safe at your home. This is a simple and elegant solution which can save you a great deal of stress and money.

3. Precious metals and stones. The experts highly recommend transforming your money into gold bullions or coins and preserving these items for a long period of time. The gold will accumulate value over the years and you can also easily store it into your residential safe. Also, if you have diamonds or other precious stones, a strong safe can be the perfect place to deposit them.

4. Important files and documents. A top quality safe is also waterproofed and fireproofed and it can effortlessly protect your important documents and files in the case of flood or fire. You can deposit here the ownership titles of your vehicles and properties, for example, or important business documents from your company.

5. Even a handgun! If you are allowed to carry a handgun with you for defensive purposes then it is a good idea to store it in your safe when you don’t have it with you. This is a brilliant idea as it will prevent small kids or other people to accidentally find and use your handgun and it will give you much more peace of mind in the future.

These are only a couple personal belongings you can hide in your private safe, but there are many more! If you have such needs and you want a custom residential safe in your house as soon as possible then please give us a call today. Our experts are more than glad to discuss with you about this and our services are affordable as well!

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