Installing an intercom system in your property is yet another way of protecting your house against burglar attacks and thieves. Intercom systems are specially designed these days to make your house safer and more valuable at the same time. They basically allow you to have a small conversation or even see the person who is in front of your door, before opening it.

Fortunately, intercom systems come in all shapes and sizes, and they can have various features. Some of them can be more technologically advanced and feature a higher price range, but even if you have a relatively small budget, you can still get a quality intercom system in your house. Here are your options.

Hard-wired intercom units

One of the most common types of intercom systems refers to hard-wired or simply wired intercom units. They are usually built by the professionals when a brand new property is being erected. This type of intercom system is usually hidden inside the walls of a house and it might be a little bit more expensive, in comparison with other types of intercom system.

However, you might be happy to know that the extra bucks you pay for this intercom units are well-paid. Wired intercom systems are much more resistant to wear and tear, and external interferences. Additionally, the audio signal is much better, so you will be able to hear the person you are talking with more clearly. As a result, your property is better protected against burglar attacks. You can also take advantage of the benefits offered by hard-wired intercom system after you have built your house.

Carrier-current intercom units

Another type of intercom system is represented by carrier-current intercom units. This type of intercom systems is less expensive and it is integrated into the electrical system of a particular house. Basically, the intercom system works alongside the electricity in order to allow you to have a conversation with the person in front of your door.

The advantages of carrier-current intercom units are numerous. Apart from being cheaper, they are also easier to install and easier to maintain. However, the audio quality might not be that good in comparison with hard-wired intercom systems, but it is acceptable.

Wireless intercom units

The third type of intercom system is represented by wireless intercom units. These devices use different types of radio frequencies to send intercom signals within your property. You might be happy to know that wireless intercom units are even less expensive than carrier-current intercom units or hard-wired intercom units. Also, these devices don’t require any type of installation. They can be used immediately after they have been taken out of the box.

In most cases, wireless intercom systems are battery-powered and you might be happy to know that the batteries can last for a long time. Also, some intercom systems alert you when the battery needs to be replaced, so your house never remains unprotected.

Before buying wireless intercom units, it is important to know the range of these systems. Also, some indoor or outdoor wireless intercom systems are equipped with portable receivers. These devices allow you to use your intercom unit from different locations, depending on your needs and preferences. However, you must also know that wireless intercom systems might experience slight interference issues in the long run.

Automatic-gate-entry intercom unit

The last one in our list is the automatic-gate-entry intercom system which can conveniently open the residential front gate in your property when someone visits you. Such a system can be very useful as you don’t have to be physically present at the front gate in order to open it or close it. You just press a couple of buttons and that’s it.

In most cases, automatic-gate-entry intercom units are equipped with a small camera which allows you to see who is at the front gate of your house. Your intercom unit is also equipped with a large display, so you can see your visitor and decide if you want to open the gate or not. Obviously, you can also talk with the person who visits you.

Such intercom systems are very valuable and they can deter most thieves and burglars. Additionally, they give you more peace of mind and increase the value of your property. Most homeowners also find intercom systems very useful when they are constantly bothered by selling agents who happen to walk from door to door, selling various items. Lastly, today’s intercom systems are specially designed to be used by anyone, including kids or people of an elderly age. They provide the essential safety and security required in any household.

If you are thinking of installing intercom systems in your property then you are making the right choice. Make sure that you give Express Locksmith a call and tell us more about your security needs. We can help you choose the right intercom system for your property. Also, our intercom systems are very modern and efficient, and they come at affordable prices.

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