Understanding the characteristics of some of the different lock brands is important when you want to get new locks for your home. This is why it’s always encouraged that you do a bit of research before deciding on using a particular brand for a specific application. Of course, if you get the locksmith services form a trusted firm, you will get the benefit of being informed about the characteristics of the various popular lock brands, which will then make it easier for you to figure out which one to buy. Some of these include:


In the world of door locks, this has become something of a household name over the recent past. It’s one of the most popular lock types for both domestic and commercial applications, and for a very good reason. These types of locks are designed using the latest technology and the best materials, which means that they offer superior quality. In addition to that, they also tend to be relatively affordable as well. The only problem is that due to their popularity, there are many knockoffs out there. It is therefore imperative that you buy them from a trusted source if you really want to benefit from the features that have made them so popular.


This is a brand of locks that is made by Assa Abloy, a Swiss locks firm. Medeco is based in Virginia. They are more or less synonymous with high security locks, especially in the United States. The company was started in the 1950s, and has over time evolved to become one of the most respected firms in the industry. Some of the features that characterize most of their locks include the fact that their keys have angled cuts and chiseled tips. This makes them a lot more secure compared to most of their competitors’.


This company is known to offer very high quality deadbolts in various designs to suit all tastes. In addition to that, however, they also offer a wide variety of other lock types including electronic locks. One of the things you can be sure of when you get Schlage locks is the fact that they are affordable but very effective in securing most types of facilities. They are also easily found, though most people are not familiar with the brand.


This is a lock and handleset brand that is manufactured and marketed by Black and Decker. The latter is known to offer high quality products across all categories, from home electronics to DIY. One thing that characterizes most of their products including the Kwikset locks is the fact that they are made with a lot of attention to detail. Most of their products are somewhat expensive, but then you do end up getting very good value for money with them. This makes them worth it.

These are some of the popular locks that are offered by MTL Express Locksmiths, and which are known to offer very high quality. If you are thinking of installing locks for your home or office, picking any of the above is a wise decision given the reputation that each has.

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