Safety of the home should be a homeowner’s number one concern whether they are at home or away. One of the best ways to ensure that your home is safe is by installing alarm systems. These systems have been there for years now and technology has enabled them to have even better home security features. Today, alarm systems do more than just ward off burglars. From alerting you to controlling the lights from your cell phone, alarm systems should be in every home. Below are ten main reasons why you should invest in home alarm systems:

Your home is protected continuously

As a homeowner, you often forget that you cannot watch your home round the clock. Did you know even five minutes are enough for a burglar to do their thing once you are gone? Thanks to a home alarm system; it will keep watch of your home all the time.

Monitoring available

Alarm systems can offer many services and this depends on your locality. They have the monitoring feature that listens for alarms. Some even come with an enunciator speaker so as to listen for emergency in case the alarm goes off. A good thing about the monitoring feature is that it prevents false police calls thus increasing the safety of your home. If you happen to lock your keys in the house, the alarm system can be called and the system will be disarmed without tampering with your door.

One touch emergency personnel

Technology advancement has enabled alarm systems to come with a one touch button for ambulance, fire and police. This can be helpful in case you have to leave your home quickly to respond to emergency somewhere. Alarm companies do respond with emergency personnel in case the alarm system has been sounded.

Lower your home’s insurance rate

As a homeowner, you may receive discounts from your homeowner’s insurance company. There is a reason for this; since your home has alarm system installed, it will be looked at as a lower liability than a home without by the insurance companies. Don’t hesitate to check with your insurance company to see if they offer a discount. And installation of alarm system can help you save on insurance policy. In fact, you may save around twenty percent on the insurance policy. This is because the insurance company knows too well that the chances for paying for theft or even fire are very low.

Remote control of systems

If you forget to turn up your air conditioner or left the lights on or simply stayed late in the office and the lights aren’t on at your home, the alarm system can offer home system monitoring service. Check if your alarm company offers this feature to help you control your lights and heating or air conditioning systems while you are away.

Ward off intruders

For an intruder, just the presence of an alarm sticker or sign on your front window or door is a sign for their own trouble. These visual signs make burglars think twice before entering. And if they do, the siren alone will discourage them from taking another step. With an alarm system, you are also sure that help is on the way in case of an invasion.

Different options available

Since technology is advancing by day, there are a myriad of options of security alarm systems to choose from. In fact, their price tag is also cut across different personalities and abilities. Today, you can go for a system that is dedicated to a particular purpose only.

Sense of peace

Nothing is important than having peace of mind wherever you are. An alarm system allows you to go about your normal chores knowing that your home and belongings are secure.

Protection from fire or carbon monoxide

Most systems come with carbon monoxide detectors or smoke detectors which trigger the alarm in case there is a carbon leak or smoke. At the time, the company is notified about this occurrence for quick response.

Increased home value

If you are looking for a way to increase the resale value of your home, then count on security alarm systems. You will increase its value by 5% even as you attract more and more potential buyers. And there is advantage for this too, you are certain that your family is secure, the home is safe and you are ready to fetch more if you decide to sell the house in future.

The importance of installing home alarm systems cannot be overstated. There are many other advantages for ensuring that your home and family are safe at all times hence there is no genuine reason as to why you should not invest in security alarm systems. At Express Locksmith we offer a myriad of alarm systems including the most advanced ones to ensure that properties are safe and protected at all times. If you are interested in installing one in your home today, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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