Master Key Systems

Master key locking systems are ideal both for reducing the number of keys in your pocket and for controlling the movements of large and changing numbers of people within a building with numerous access points without the need for numerous duplicate keys.

A master key locking system allows you to have tight control over who has access to different parts of your premises. Each person has just one key that allows them to access only the areas in which they are authorized to go.

Each key can be individually preconfigured to open only specified doors, and keys can be re-programmed to extend or deny access to other points, or as needs or staff change, as appropriate.

Master key systems can be relatively simple – for example you can have a master key that only opens your front and back door cylinder and mortise locks, garage lock, and gate padlock. Or, for large establishments, you can have a master key that opens all the doors within a single building, or all the doors on a certain floor, or even all the doors within your entire premises. The complexity and sophistication of the master key system that we create for you depends on your needs and the level of security you want to achieve.

Master keys can be activated by digital pads, swipe cards, tags, biometric data or a specialized design of key that is difficult to duplicate.

Express Locksmiths of Montreal has installed and maintained many of these master key systems in schools, universities, colleges, hotels, health facilities, local authority premises, offices, retail locations with multiple sites and in apartment blocks and domestic premises.

We are confident that we can create a master key system to suit your security needs. Whether you are looking simply to reduce the number of keys in your pocket, or to heighten security within a large multi faceted establishment, Express Locksmiths of Montreal has the swipe card, tag, digital pad and specialized master key systems to fit your requirements and your budget.

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