Electronic Lock Installation and Service

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Modern electronic locks offer numerous advantages for both complex and more simple security systems – not least of which is that they do away with the need for numerous copies of a large number of different keys.

Electronic lock systems are ideal for maintaining tight control over security in high traffic areas such as offices, schools, university, hospital and other large foyers, reception areas, shops, and anywhere large numbers of people come and go on a regular basis.

We realize that it is important for you to ensure that your commercial or industrial premises are secure both for your employees health and safety in terms of being able to escape in the event of fire and to protect against thieves and other unwanted intruders.

Each door can be programmed to permit access to a different number of users and they can be easily re-programmed when there are changes in staff, or even on a regular basis in order to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to the up to date door entry code.

We also realize that you may want to limit access to certain parts of your building at specific times of day or night, or perhaps authorize only certain sections of your personnel to have access to all areas.

There are various electronic locks systems on the market with various degrees of sophistication depending on your needs and your budget.

Express Locksmith’s professional security experts can sit down with you and discuss the variety of possible options that could provide a solution to your security issues, to find the one that best fits your requirements and your price range.

We can advise on the best type of system to suit single door entry points or for multi-door (often external) access points. We can also point out the pros and cons of the different electronic entry key systems – electronic card or tag, pin number or even biometric data.

We have a wide range of keyless, master key, digital and other electronic entry systems that can be adapted to suit your needs and the different levels of security required at each entry point.

All these electronic locking systems can be interconnected with video cameras for additional security monitoring, if desired, and are durable and expanded as your commercial needs grow.

Our professional locksmiths are experts at installing and servicing every type of electronic locking systems. We can assist with reconfiguring in the event of a security breach or for continuous updating of security codes. We can also assist with code encryption for further peace of mind.

We also install and service simpler electronic dead latch systems which are easily controlled by means of an under desk or wall button and can be over-ridden with a key, where necessary.

Whatever level of sophistication you are looking for, Express Locksmith of Montreal can advise on, install and service the electronic lock system that suits you best.
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