Emergency Services

So you’ve arrived home in a blizzard at the dead of night only to find your house key has gone missing!

Or perhaps went to open your car but the key broke off in the lock?

Or you arrived at work and punched in the digital code but the door won’t open and all your employees are waiting outside…What to do?
The answer is easy. Call 513 623 6332 and we’ll send our emergency service professional locksmiths to help you right away.

We are less than thirty minutes from any central Montreal location and have a well-trained team of personnel and fully stocked service vans standing by ready to rush to your aid.

Our licensed, insured and bonded locksmiths have vast experience in dealing with a wide range of different types of locks, from residential yale-type cylinder locks, to padlocked garages or sheds to digital entry keycoded systems, to all types of car and truck key systems.

We are trained to be access almost any locked space and to do it quickly and efficiently too. We can:

  • Open safes
  • Open electronic safes
  • Design electronic & mechanical security systems
  • Design and maintain master key systems for entire buildings
  • Install architectural hardware
  • Install and maintain panic exit hardware
  • Install and maintain electric door opener systems as well as bell and buzzers
  • Install push button combo locks
  • Install fire alarms and fire exit locks
  • Install mortise locks
  • Install intercom systems
  • Install dead bolt locks
  • Install high-security lock cylinders
  • Install pick-proof locks
  • Make replacement car keys

Our personnel have all been background checked and are completely trustworthy and competent at what we do. We know the fastest methods to open your locked doors, and may be able to un-jam jammed locks too, and even remove broken keys without damaging your lock. We can make new keys for your car, and electronic door systems, as well as electronic and mechanical safes.

If for some reason your lock has to be totally replaced, we carry a wide selection of the most modern, effective new locks for you to choose from and will rapidly and efficiently install it so that you can sleep easy right away.

If you have experienced a break-in we will make your property safe and sound for the night and then come back at a more opportune moment to discuss your security options with you. We can devise a complete security plan, with window and door locks, burglar alarms and even security monitoring equipment to give you peace of mind that your home is being safely watched, even when you are not there.

Whatever your security need, emergency or otherwise, we are confident that we will be able to help you.

So write our number somewhere safe – 513 623 6332 – so that in your next lock-out emergency you can call Express Locksmith to assist without delay.