Electric Buzzer and Intercom Systems

Express Locksmiths of Montreal can install, maintain and repair both simple and more sophisticated electric buzzer and intercom systems to suit the differing needs of residential as well as small and large commercial premises.

We have extensive experience working with many different makes and systems, including those that feature single residence bells or buzzers, multi-bell units, wall telephones, cordless telephones, push button, wireless and many other styles of electric buzzer and intercom door entry systems.

Express Locksmith’s Montreal technicians have installed electric buzzers and intercoms in hotels, school, hospitals, offices, and many other premises where security is needed to ensure that only authorized people gain entry.

We can interconnect most of our systems with black and white or colour CCTV video monitoring for even greater security.
All of our systems feature:

  • Battery back-up so that your intercom/buzzer works in the event of power outage.
  • Choice of chimes, bells, buzzers, music when button is pressed.

Many systems offer:

  • Wall mounted or wireless handsets.
  • Different sounds on different entry points.
  • Wireless or mains operated.

We also have buzzer/chime systems for retail stores that will alert you when a customer enters or exits your premises.

Our professional locksmiths are insured, bonded and certified to maintain, repair and install just about every make of electronic buzzer entry and intercom system on the market.

We are confident that we can assist you in selecting, upgrading or expanding your system to suit your needs and your budget. Our advice and quotations are free of charge and we will be pleased to assist. Please call our Customer Service team on 514 f623 6332 or more information or to set up an appointment.

Express Locksmiths of Montreal – your security and peace of mind are what our business is all about.