Visit any home improvement store today and you certainly will notice that there are several types of locks available. You could in fact, be spoilt for choice over what to choose mainly because each option you will look at will promise you maximum security and of course, value for your money. Your best bet is to therefore learn all you can about lock door styles and what makes each lock special. A locksmith can help you learn more but before keeping in touch with one, it is important to first acquaint yourself with the following types of lock door styles.


Deadbolts are popular for a reason. They feature simple designs and are by far more secure than other types of door locks. When properly locked, a long solid metal bar inside the lock slides horizontally through the door jam right into the wall. This is a simple design which needless to say, is enough for a wide range of security needs in both residential and commercial properties. The large bar in the lock does the trick. It makes it hard for anyone to gain access to a building mainly because it is fitted inside the wall. This makes the deadbolt lock perfect for both back and front doors.

Handle locks

They are just as popular as deadbolts. But like any locksmith in Montreal will tell you, handle locks cannot guarantee you security as much as deadbolts can. Handle lock are in fact not designed to offer security like locks. They are designed to ensure that one does not accidently walk into any unoccupied guestroom or bedroom. They are therefore used for privacy purposes. For everyday low level security needs however, handle locks will fit into your budget with ease.

Combination locks

They are keyless locks that do not use any electric mechanism. In other words, you can only access open anything locked with a combination lock after keying in the right combination codes. The ‘key’ therefore only exists in the user’s mind and can only be shared when necessary. They are ideal for storage areas and safes where one needs to store his or her valuables away from prying eyes. This does not mean though combination locks cannot be used on office and residential doors. You can have one installed on any door because the mechanism used on combination locks is usually a series of numbered buttons or a classic spinning combination wheel.

Keyless and electronic locks

Nearly all modern locks use an electronic interface to close and open. In simple terms, you will require a card, a fob or a code to activate the lock and open it. The keyhole may or may not be there. Most locksmiths are not familiar with this concept. The few ones who know what it takes to install and maintain keyless and electronic locks will however tell you that electronic keyless locks offer maximum security. They are also easy to use once one understands how they work. Unless one hacks or rewires systems that run keyless locks, it is impossible to gain access to any facility under a keyless lock.


Padlocks are extremely popular. It is easy to understand what makes them popular. First off, they have been around for a long time. Then there is the fact that several locksmiths usually have no problem dealing with padlocks. They feature latch systems that can be hard to open once one has locked a padlock. Remember that unlike what people think, padlocks can also be keyless thanks to modern technological advancements. What matters the most is not really the key but to ensure that the latch on your padlock is properly fastened to the door.

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