Automotive Lockout

It always seems to be that you lock yourself out of your car at the worst possible moment. In the old days it was often easy to jiggle your locks open using a bent coat hanger or a bit of old wire. But modern cars are more resistant and difficult to get into and you probably don’t want to risk damage to a central electronic locking mechanism which could be costly to replace. So when you find yourself locked out of your car call Express Locksmith of Montreal instead. We have all the specialist equipment necessary to get you back into your car without so much as a scratch. We can also cut an extra set of car keys for you and suggest where you could hide them tucked away underneath your vehicle for the next time you get locked out. And if your car keys appear to be gone for good, with our laser car key cutting facilities at our central Montreal offices we will be able to cut you a couple of brand new sets of keys so that you can be mobile again in a very short time. Express Locksmiths of Montreal also offers a wide range of other auto security products, including burglar alarm systems, wheel locks and other mechanisms to keep your car and its contents safe and protected. We also offer a full range of residential and commercial locksmith services to provide assistance to you in all lock out, broken keys and jammed lock situations. Our locksmiths are professional, reliable and fully trained so you can have confidence that we will resolve your lock problems, and get it right first time. Express Locksmiths of Montreal – we’ll get you in when you’re locked out. Call 514 623 6332.