5 Lock Door Styles You Should Know About

Visit any home improvement store today and you certainly will notice that there are several types of locks available. You could in fact, be spoilt for choice over what to choose mainly because each option you will look at will promise you maximum security and of course, value for your money. Your best bet is to therefore learn all you can about lock door styles and what makes each lock special. A locksmith can help you learn more but before keeping in touch with one, it is important to first acquaint yourself with the following types of lock door styles.


Deadbolts are popular for a reason. They feature simple designs and are by far more secure than other types of door locks. When properly locked, a long solid metal bar inside the lock slides horizontally through the door jam right into the wall. This is a simple design which needless to say, is enough for a wide range of security needs in both residential and commercial properties. The large bar in the lock does the trick. It makes it hard for anyone to gain access to a building mainly because it is fitted inside the wall. This makes the deadbolt lock perfect for both back and front doors.

Handle locks

They are just as popular as deadbolts. But like any locksmith in Montreal will tell you, handle locks cannot guarantee you security as much as deadbolts can. Handle lock are in fact not designed to offer security like locks. They are designed to ensure that one does not accidently walk into any unoccupied guestroom or bedroom. They are therefore used for privacy purposes. For everyday low level security needs however, handle locks will fit into your budget with ease.

Combination locks

They are keyless locks that do not use any electric mechanism. In other words, you can only access open anything locked with a combination lock after keying in the right combination codes. The ‘key’ therefore only exists in the user’s mind and can only be shared when necessary. They are ideal for storage areas and safes where one needs to store his or her valuables away from prying eyes. This does not mean though combination locks cannot be used on office and residential doors. You can have one installed on any door because the mechanism used on combination locks is usually a series of numbered buttons or a classic spinning combination wheel.

Keyless and electronic locks

Nearly all modern locks use an electronic interface to close and open. In simple terms, you will require a card, a fob or a code to activate the lock and open it. The keyhole may or may not be there. Most locksmiths are not familiar with this concept. The few ones who know what it takes to install and maintain keyless and electronic locks will however tell you that electronic keyless locks offer maximum security. They are also easy to use once one understands how they work. Unless one hacks or rewires systems that run keyless locks, it is impossible to gain access to any facility under a keyless lock.


Padlocks are extremely popular. It is easy to understand what makes them popular. First off, they have been around for a long time. Then there is the fact that several locksmiths usually have no problem dealing with padlocks. They feature latch systems that can be hard to open once one has locked a padlock. Remember that unlike what people think, padlocks can also be keyless thanks to modern technological advancements. What matters the most is not really the key but to ensure that the latch on your padlock is properly fastened to the door.

What Are Some Of The Most Popular Kinds Of Locks Used Today?

Whether you are a residential or commercial property owner, securing your valuables should always be on top of your priority list. Unfortunately, most people do not understand how different locks work. That is one of the main reasons why unscrupulous locksmiths always reap off unsuspecting residential and commercial property owners. You don’t have to go that way and end up paying a locksmith more than you should. Simply follow the following guide for security locks. You can then proceed to keep in touch with a locksmith you trust if everything fails.

Key locks for doors

Key locks come in different shapes and designs. That is a good thing primarily because you do not need the same kind of lock on your study room door as you do on the main entrance. That is where deadbolt locks come into the picture. They are designed to keep burglars and housebreakers at bay. There are however different types of deadbolts.

There is the double cylinder model which is preferred by most locksmiths because it is ‘heavy duty’ and ‘hard to crack’. It features a key hole on either side of the door which makes it ideal for internal rooms. To ensure that your deadbolt is properly fitted, confirm it the bolt is at least 25cm long. Then always keep the key to the deadbolt lock near the door so that you can easily get out in case of an emergency.

Card locks

Smart chip or magnetic key cards are mostly used for shared places like business premises and hotel rooms. They provide a convenient and fast access to premises, a factor that makes them safer than key looks. This is especially in cases where access codes can be easily changed several times for security reasons. There is a downside that comes along with card locks though. They can be easily demagnetized. There is also the fact that card locks are not entirely safe from tech savvy hackers.

Binary code locks

Commonly referred to as code locks or mechanical code locks, they are mostly used in commercial buildings. They ideal mainly because they allow for key free use. Another perk that comes along with code locks is the fact that they allow one to have different codes for different users. If for instance you change your housekeeping services, all you need to do is to disable the code that your former cleaners used to gain access to the house. The only perk that comes along with code locks is the fact that a forgetful person can have a hard time trying to recall codes.

Biometric locks

Most restricted areas in commercial properties use biometric locks for security reasons. This trend is however quickly changing as most homeowner now prefer biometric locks to simple deadbolt locks. They feature advanced systems put in place by highly skilled locksmiths to recognize retina scans, voice and touch identification. This makes them highly secure as only authorized personnel can have access to areas locked by biometric locks.

Panic locks

They are ideal for public buildings and emergency exits. That is because they come complete with a sidebar that is easy to unlock in emergency cases. All one needs to do in case of an emergency is to just push the panic lock and the door will open. It should however be noted that panic locks can only be opened from the inside. This is both a perk and a downside. It is a perk because the door can open even it is solidly locked from the inside. It is a downside because only people inside the building can open it. You don’t have to worry though if you have a jammed panic lock as most locksmiths in Montreal are familiar with them.

4 Factors That Can Influence The Cost Of Locksmith Services

Locksmiths are more or less like doctors – at one point or another, you will need one. It therefore makes perfect sense to know a thing or two about how they work. That is, how much they charge for their services, where to find them and how to negotiate with them for a better price. Keep in mind that people needs locksmiths today more than they did a decade or two ago. That is because today’s locks feature advanced designs and are way too sophisticated for an average or rather amateur locksmith to crack.

This can only mean one thing. That there are just a handful of locksmiths you can rely on when the need to keep in touch with one arises. In other words, good locksmiths are rare and hard to find. The few available ones are therefore quite costly. You do not have to worry about this though because at the end of the day, you can be sure of value for your money. But other than the aforementioned factors, what else can influence the cost of locksmith services? Read on to find out.

Services offered

Locksmiths are not trained to just open locks. They can also come in handy when one needs to replace old locks with new ones. That is why it is important to set aside some money for locksmiths anytime you intend to remodel your home. That fact aside, a locksmith will not charge you the same amount for opening a jammed lock and for installing an armoured door on your mansion. It all boils down to skills and the type of work one needs a locksmith for. There is also the fact that there are locksmiths licensed to install special kinds of security systems and locks. They charge differently from regular locksmiths.


The average locksmith who opens up simple locks or installs locks in a small time may not be in demand as compared to his counterpart in a big city. The latter locksmith will always be busy and demand. He or she will therefore be somehow expensive. You may also have to wait for quite some time before the locksmith can get back to you. He simply works on a first come first serve basis. That explains why it is always a good idea to go for companies that offer locksmith services as opposed to individuals who offer the same service. The reason is pretty much obvious – most companies have teams. It therefore becomes easy for a company to assign a locksmith different clients and have each client served within a given time.

The type of lock


The brand, quality, age and complexity of a security system or lock will always influence the cost of any locksmith service. Bored cylinder locks and tubular chassis locks will for instance call for affordable fees as they are not very complicated. The same cannot be said about sidebar locks which are hard to open. That is because they feature side bar pins which make it really hard for one to open them. This also explains why locksmiths recommend tubular locks for internal doors which feature direct insertion keys. Other types of locks that may cost you quite a fortune to open include case locks and mortise locks.

There is also the age factor which plays a crucial role for locksmiths when they want to determine their fees. An old lock will certainly be hard to open mostly because or rust and other elements that may make it really hard to open. For these, a locksmith may charge you an extra dollar or two above the normal locksmith rates.

Your location

If a locksmith has to find you, then expect him to include in his fees transport costs. So if you live in Montreal for instance, get a serrurier in Montreal who is within a close proximity from you. That way, you will not have to spend more than you should.

Purchasing Ideal Locks For Your Home

If you visit a hardware store for buying Montreal locks for your home, you will surely be surprised to see plethora of designs and styles in them making your decision making process a big challenge. It is very important that you know which type of lock would be suitable for your needs or else you will be compromising your home security. Here are some tips for you to make your purchase easier than ever:

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Your Children Might Compromise Your Home Security – Find Out How To Tackle This!

Being a homeowner, you would certainly want your dwelling to be safe and secure. The diligent homeowners usually keep themselves updated about the recent trend in home safety procedures and seek services of locksmith in downtown Montreal to enhance their home security. Well, you can easily increase the security of your home by taking certain measures like adding security pins in the home locks, installing high end security alarms etc. While these systems work efficiently, your children can act as loose cannons and pose threat to your foolproof security system. Here are some areas where your children can compromise your security plans. Take note of them and take proper actions so that your children will not become the reason for failed home security:

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What Is The Best Thing To Do When You Lose Your Home Keys?

The chances of a burglar using lost keys to access your home are not that high. However, it does not mean that you should overlook matters when you lose your house keys. In fact, a good number of locksmiths recommend key replacement after losing home keys. While a burglar many not be able to find your lost keys and access your house, he may access your home with a bump key. Worse yet, if you do not have any key replacement, your doors will be left unlocked making it easy for anyone to enter.

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How To Find Your Way Into A Car With A Lock Issue

When you are in a hurry, the last thing you want is face is not able to get into your car due to lock issues. Well, the sad truth is that car doors tend to develop issues over time and you may fall victim at a certain point. What do you do when you are really pressed for time and you cannot access your car due to lock issues? Well, you need to take a few breathes and think smart. With the following tips in mind, you will be able to access your car without getting too much inconvenienced.

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How Cleaning Can Contribute Towards Your Home Security

Many people are very busy with regular work that it will be often difficult to spend some time cleaning the home from one corner to another. When you schedule cleaning work during your free time, you will surely want others in the household to be involved so that everything in your home will be spotless afterwards. Cleaning can include anything from removing leaves in your gutters to having a tidy lawn where you and your family can hang out the next time.

When scheduling your cleaning, however, you tend to forget to clean your home for enhanced security purposes. In the first place, you may ask, is this ever required or possible? Well, yes, you need to pay attention to your home security whenever you get the chance to clean your home. And yes, it is possible that cleaning can help the state of your home security – just look at these points:

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How To Keep Your Home Safe When You Are Out Of Town For Your Summer Break

Like spring, summer is that time of the year which is most awaited by almost everyone. It is simply because of the fact that it is a time to spend with family and friends out for vacation. With much excitement on your part, you will definitely love the idea of planning an out of town trip with the rest of the gang.

When you do, however, you must reconsider a lot of things before travelling. Much more than preparing for your itinerary and all things to bring with you to your destination, you have to remember that there is a home you have to leave behind. You must keep yourself and your property safe during the trip. You can do this by simply abiding by the tips you are going to read in this post:

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A Simple Guide On How To Keep Your Home Safe

Everyone loves to live in a home that is safe and free from the threat of a break in or a burglary. It is because of this reason security companies are now introducing different products designer for keeping you and your family safe. Here is a brief insight on different security products available in the market today. You can seek help from an expert serrurier in Montreal assist you in choosing the best system for your facility and also in installing them.

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